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Chris asks…remote start on a manual transmission camaro?

97 camaro rs, manual transmission, can I put a remote starter on it?

admin answers:

Yes you can, you just need to bypass the clutch switch( the switch is similar to the brake light switch) very easy to do. But a lot of shop say No not because it can’t be done it is very dangerous. Once install, if you accidentally leave the in gear (first) and star the car by remote it will jump forward. That will cause damage to your car and might hurt other people. This is the main reason most shop say No.

Donna asks…

Can you get a remote car starter for a standard (manual) transmission? I know, clutch and all that. but didn’t know if there’s a way around that that installers can do. thanks!

admin answers:

There are remote start systems designed specifically for vehicles with manual transmissions. Companies like Astra and Compustar have been making them for years, and the newest lineup from DEI (Viper) can also be used with manual transmissions. If they’re installed correctly, they’ll prevent the vehicle from being remote-started unless it’s left out of gear, with the parking brake engaged.

It works like this: when you’re parking your car, if you plan to remote-start it later, you activate “reservation” mode. The engine keeps running as you set the parking brake, get out, close the door, and lock it. Then the engine shuts off. Because the engine is still running after you park, the system knows the car wasn’t left in gear. The system also monitors the parking brake switch to make sure the brake is engaged.

While the car is parked, the vehicle monitors the doors switches. If anyone opens a door, reservation mode is cancelled and the vehicle can’t be remote started. That eliminates the possibility of someone placing the car in gear and causing an accident.

It’s important that the vehicle has a working parking brake and that the door switches are working properly. I won’t install a manual-transmission remote starter without checking these functions first; and I’d never install a remote starter designed for an automatic transmission into a manual transmission vehicle.


David asks…

Does anyone know of a component I can buy so that my manual car wont start (by remote starter) if in gear?

I want to buy a component that hooks up to my car so if I try to start my manual transmission car with my remote starter, that It will only start If its in neutral.

admin answers:

No!   that’s why they never want to to install one in a manual. Do not do it!….If someone gets hurt,  you and the installer will be paying out $$$ for a long time.

Michael asks…

Will the Viper 5900 or 7900 Alarm/Remote Starter Work On a Car With Manual Transmission?

I have been looking at car security/remote start systems, and I have come across the Viper 5900 and 7900, both of which I very much like. However, I am not sure if they will work on a manual transmission.

If they will not, what are some good, similar security/remote start systems that will work with a manual transmission?

Here are the links to the 5900 and 7900.

Don’t try to tell me that they are useless or a waste of my money… I already know that.

admin answers:

Remote start systems are available that will work safely with manual transmission vehicles. None of them are made by Viper.

I’d check into Compustar remote starts. They aren’t as well-known as Viper, but they have a very good reputation and they have models designed for manual transmissions.

Scytek is another manufacturer that offers remote starts for manual transmissions under their Astra brand.

If a remote start isn’t made for manual transmissions, it’s an EXTREMELY bad idea to install it into a manual transmission vehicle.


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