Avital 5303L Security/Remote Start System Review

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The General Consensus

Avital is one of the leading names in the business of manufacturing remote starters and other vehicle starter devices for more than 20 years. The 5303L model from them is a top of the line product from them that has earned fantastic market feedback due to its features, performance, and competitive price. This remote starter can start a car simply by the push of a button from a distance of 1500 feet. It also shows a confirmation of the starting of the car in the LCD screen. The remote system alerts the car owner about any irregularities by vibration or beep from a distance of 1500 feet. The package consists of a one way remote with four buttons, and a two way remote.  It also has an amazing shock sensor system with double guard.

The Avital 5303L has been able to make a positive impact on the market with a creditable user rating of 4 stars. In this review, we have examined all the customer feedbacks and product features from an unbiased point of view.


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The Negative Reviews

Very few of the customers had anything negative to say about this wonderful remote starting device. All these negative comments had something to do with the installation of the system.

Most of these customers have advised the future buyers to take the assistance from a professional technician for the installation of the device. Moreover, the warranty on the product is only valid if the installation is carried out by a qualified installer. Some customers were upset by this because they thought that they could have done it themselves. Instead, they had to pay money to the technician to make sure that the warranty remains valid.

Some other users have complained about the careless behavior of the technical support team of the company. They were completely non cooperative whenever their assistance was asked for.

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The Positive Reviews

More than 95% of the users have mentioned that this is probably the best deal of their entire life.  They have not faced difficulty with this product other than a time consuming installation process.

However, these customers were well aware of the fact that installation of remote starter device is never an easy thing to do. They were smart enough not to blame the manufacturer for any issues pertaining to the installation process. They have clearly mentioned that this product has some of the most attractive features that can be found in any remote starter device. Customers love the amazing range of function of this system. The large LCD screen is also one of the most liked features about this product. The alarm systems work efficiently, too. Customers have also mentioned that this product is compatible with different types of vehicles.

The Conclusion

If you are well aware of the usage pattern of a remote car starter, you are surely acquainted with the fact that installation related issues are probably the only common point between all makes and models. This can not be considered being a limitation of a product. The Avital 5303L scores heavily in all other areas of functionality, according to the customers. This is one car remote starter system that you can trust without any doubt.

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